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Our group,previously based at Cheadle Royal Hospital, are now operating independently as Cheadle CBT Services, and are in Gatley, just a short distance from Cheadle Royal Hospital. The team is committed to evidence-based practice, and only offers Cognitive Behavioural and EMDR treatments that can be demonstrated, through research, to be effective in treating emotional disorders. The wealth of experience of the team means we are able to offer specific treatments for numerous anxiety and depressive disorders including: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Panic Attacks Phobias Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Generalised Anxiety Disorder Depression Addictions Anger problems Anxiety problems

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Tel: 0161 428 8311
Each client is individually assessed. The assessment allows a formulation to be developed, which is an idiosyncratic map that can be followed to achieve the aims of therapy. Short 30-minute initial assessments are available, without charge, to any individuals that refer themselves to our practice. Treatment is usually brief and following an assessment the therapist will be able to indicate roughly how many sessions will be needed. Sessions usually take 1 hour, and early morning and evening appointments are available. 
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The Cheadle CBT team has extensive experience working with private referrals, occupational health departments, medico-legal agencies and solicitors. We have strong links with local Health Care Providers and aim to increase the reputation we have already established at Cheadle Royal as a treatment provider of choice within the North West and beyond. We continue to offer psychological treatments for public sector bodies such as: Medical Professionals   The NHS staff    The Police Service    The Ambulance Service    The Fire Service    National Charities such as Assist Trauma Care
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Documentation for the use of professionals in refering clients can be found here.
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